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Commercial Roofing

Commercial and residential roofing systems are primarily used to protect property. They differ greatly, however, in terms of the materials used to build and install them. Commercial roofing systems are built to last longer and require specialist abilities, which Dallas Area Roofing Experts can deliver. Commercial roofing systems often use single-ply concrete, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing systems, to name a few.

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Built-up roofing, often known as BUR roofing, is the most common tar and gravel commercial roof system. It has numerous layers that help to strengthen the system's resiliency. BUR is a low-slope roof system that is ideal for people seeking a low-cost, long-lasting option. For commercial structures, metal roofs are a popular alternative. Other materials include metal tile sheets, corrugated galvanized steel, stainless steel, stone-coated steel, copper, aluminum, and others. Metal commercial roofing systems are extremely durable and fire resistant. They normally have layers of protection to keep corrosion, UV ray damage, and other environmental exposures at bay. They're also thought to be a more desirable option for your business building.

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Green Commercial Roofing

We all know that Florida receives a significant amount of sunshine each year. People move from all over the country into Florida because of our sunny beaches and warm weather. One way to take advantage or our sunny days is to install a commercial green roof. Green roofs are one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing alternatives in the business. Green roofs for commercial buildings have been increasingly popular in recent years, and they provide a long-term solution for property owners. They aid in efficiency while also addressing drainage concerns that can result in water damage. For most commercial property owners, green roofing is also attractive and environmentally friendly.

Commercial Roofing Facts

Because your roofing system is such an important part of your commercial property and such a significant investment, we at New Roots Construction and Roofing take the time to make sure our customers understand what we're doing and how we're doing it. We ensure that you are aware of all parts of your business roof replacement, including possible alternatives, costs, roof inspections, construction timelines, and the most important component, proper maintenance. The longevity of a business roof can be prolonged with adequate care. Cleaning debris, repairing leaks, tearing, or water damage, replacing flashing, and preparing your roof for each season are all things that need to be done. Every business roof installation will include these maintenance guidelines, ensuring that the roofing material remains in good condition throughout the year.

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